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Spa Services

Our mission...

To bring Community to our clients under the Sun, for Good Health, Wellness & Fitness

Provide a Spa facility that offers a combination of treatment rituals, Mind/Body awareness through physical exercise, and activities and nutritional advice all located in a luxurious and modern environment.

And educate our clients in our unique combination of services & products while providing the highest level of customer service, within a sanctuary of bliss.

Spa Del Sol Bermuda

Your Social Wellness Hub...

An Oasis of Wellness and Rejuvenation 


Pilates & Movement

Pilates is a mind/body discipline of awareness in movement.  It combines the six principles of Joseph Pilates Method: Centering, Control, Concentration, Precision, Breathing & Flowing Movement. Pilates builds a strong core, good alignment and breathing techniques that help support your body in all of your fitness goals. Pilates connects you to your deeper core muscles, it has a calming effect both inside and out and allows us to deal with mental and emotional stress. Pilates’ movements also provide a gentle way of keeping your circulation flowing, helping to relieve pain and bring about a much-needed sense of well-being.